Small Unit Training AAR – 1 June 2013

Georgia Force on Force held its first training session at the Team Airsoft field in Dawsonville this past Saturday.

Attendees were instructed on a variety of topics, including rifle carry positions, efficient reloading techniques, and movement fundamentals. Our instructors had a wide variety of both civilian and military experience on which to draw, and our students were a mixed group of ages, firearms and airsoft experience levels, and backgrounds.

Once students were aligned on the basics, the teams received training in small-unit tactical essentials, including patrolling basics, reacting to contact, assaulting through the objective using fire and movement, and breaking contact.

These tactical elements were then utilized in two scenarios – the first being a rescue attempt of a downed pilot (thanks to Team Airsoft for having an aircraft fuselage in our training area!), and the second being a force-on-force patrol versus ambush small-unit encounter.

All in all, everyone learned a lot to be practiced and applied in future exercises, and we each look forward to future classes from Georgia Force on Force.

Supplementary materials here.