Airsoft or real steel, the goal is the same: know more, and be more effective.


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  1. Alan S. Pedersen | Reply

    Heard about you from a former SF friend. I’m only 3.5 hrs. from the ATL area. Do you have any upcoming training events? Also, have done some “live steel” tactical training at both Tactical Response and Max’s place up in WV so I have all of the “gear”, but am new to the whole airsoft thing; what would be the best bang for the buck as far as a rifle would be?

    AP in SC

  2. Sorry for the delayed response to you Alan, I dont monitor the site daily since we have low traffic. We do have and upcoming event on Saturday October 5th. Same venue and you can find details over at Western Rifle Shooters Association. We just have not got to post the details here yet.

    As far as an airsoft rifle. Its like real steel. I can tell you one is better than the other but the fact is its personal opinion. The best advice I can give you is try to find a local Airsoft store that has the guns so you can get your hands on one and examine the quality. A lot of the rifles are made in mainland China so all the normal caveats come along with that. Many of the companies use the same guns and just rebrand them. Get one that is solid in terms of construction. Once you have checked them physically you can purchase the same gun online if the deal at your local store is not to your liking. For me I am an AK guy so I got myself an AK from a company called Cyma. They have a reputation for decent quality for the money. You can spend a good deal of cash on these things and generally that means you are getting a better quality gun but not by default. I would not drop a lot of cash on one myself just get one that can be fixed or upgraded if need be.

    Hope that helps and we see you guys at the next event.

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