Update: Winter Muster, 14 Feb



Field exercise consisting of small-unit communications, land navigation, and patrol methods. 

Where? RED TOP Mountain State park, Canton Georgia Shelter number 4
When? Saturday February 14, 2015
Time? 0900
Cost? $5.00 to park and a donation to cover the Shelter.

Course of Instruction:

This event will be a team competition format.

Teams will be 4 to 6 participants and will be compiled if participants show up individually.

Don’t feel like you can’t attend if you do not have a team.

Teams will work a LandNav course consisting of 10 fixed points in a woodland environment. Along this course teams will patrol in formations, conduct communications with Mission base, and at some point will simulate a medical evacuation of wounded.

Team performance will be assessed based on overall time, accuracy of navigation to points and the ability to move and coordinate the medevac with our medevac team.

This event will require support to provide the teams participating with the best experience possible. We need those wishing to exercise a specific area of their training to fill the following roles:
Medevac team
Mission base Com team
Skill evaluators


This is an evaluation day to see where your training stands. We will be spending a small amount of time going over some specific information regarding the medevac and communications SOI, but the day will mostly consist of evaluation and after action.

Sponsors are welcome as we plan on awarding the winning team with a prize.

We hope to have some special guests and possibly a live Podcast during the event; those details will be confirmed as we move closer.

Please sign up by email to gaforceonforce@hushmail.com


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