Training in small unit Communications, land navigation, and patrol methods. Event will culminate in an ftx that will utilize all of the skills covered in the instruction.

Where? Dawson Forest WMA, Dawsonville Georgia
When? February 2015, exact date tbd.
Stand by for additional details to follow.


5 responses

  1. Looks great.

    Will post on WRSA later tonight.

  2. […] Training in small unit communications, land navigation, and patrol methods. Event will culminate in … […]

  3. Well,feeling a little ignorant(nothing new!)didn’t know you folks in Georgia got a fair amount of snow.The northlands of New England get plenty,find yourselves a little short be more then happy to send some your way(no charge)!Enjoy the learning path in snow,one thing I learned hunting in the snow was in a low crawl you will find out fast if your outer shell working well or not!

    1. James we do get snow about once a Winter but it would hardly qualify as snow for our friends to the North. The photo is stock and is two Germans getting ready for a winter exercise in Bavaria.

      1. So,what you get then is a lot of mud to work in,will say,rather play in cold snow then cold mud,either way,I need to work on a good outer shell!Good learning/ skills though need to work to best of ability in all conditions,enjoy!

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