GA Force On Force: Small Unit Tactics II, 7 December, Dawsonville


WHO: All who attended the Level One class + any who think they can keep pace
WHAT: We will be exploring team tactics more extensively, comms, leadership, and patrols
WHEN: Saturday, December 7th, 2013 0800 to 1700
WHY: Because you need better tactics to excel

Old Towne Rd; Dawsonville Ga. 30534
COST: $30.00
WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone 14 and older
Sponsored by: Team Airsoft

This class will require that the venue have a signed waiver on hand for you prior to your participation in the class. Please bring proper gear for the class, including a water bottle and small first aid kit (bandaids and Neosporin). A second magazine for your AEG/airsoft rifle will be required as we will be instructing on magazine changes.

This is a CLASS, not an open scenario game. There will be force-on-force situations set up in the class but this is primarily a day of instruction and team building, not free for all engagements.

Contact for questions.


One response

  1. So we had a low turn out for this class. Not sure what the cause for that was, if it was the expectation of poor weather or the time of the year or if our last class mistakes were a turn off but we only had 4 students show up. So we addapted and converted the Plan of Instruction to a short CQB primer. The location we use has a two story building that is used for a shot house. We moved the class there and ran three hours on CQB room clearing and dynamic entry. We were able to utilize the flashbang simulators that we have to take that training up to a higher level. Great use of the time and we got a really positive response from the students. We plan on doing a full day of CQB in the future. Just another lesson in how to roll with the punches and keep the training going.

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