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Coming Soon: GA Force On Force Small Unit Training AAR – 3 August 2013

Same crew.

Same ideas as last time.

Same location.

Same background reading.

Price and other details to follow.

Hold the date.

And hope to see you there.


Supplementary Materials – 1 June Small Unit Tactics Class

As referenced during our class discussions:

Bracken: Night Fighting 101

Bracken: In Praise Of Duplexed AR Magazines

Bracken: Just A Working Man With His Tools

Mosby: Professional Reading

Max Velocity books

2011 US Army Ranger Handbook

Light Infantry Tactics For Small Teams

Cooper: Principles Of Personal Defense

Others? Leave a comment below.

Small Unit Training AAR – 1 June 2013

Georgia Force on Force held its first training session at the Team Airsoft field in Dawsonville this past Saturday.

Attendees were instructed on a variety of topics, including rifle carry positions, efficient reloading techniques, and movement fundamentals. Our instructors had a wide variety of both civilian and military experience on which to draw, and our students were a mixed group of ages, firearms and airsoft experience levels, and backgrounds.

Once students were aligned on the basics, the teams received training in small-unit tactical essentials, including patrolling basics, reacting to contact, assaulting through the objective using fire and movement, and breaking contact.

These tactical elements were then utilized in two scenarios – the first being a rescue attempt of a downed pilot (thanks to Team Airsoft for having an aircraft fuselage in our training area!), and the second being a force-on-force patrol versus ambush small-unit encounter.

All in all, everyone learned a lot to be practiced and applied in future exercises, and we each look forward to future classes from Georgia Force on Force.

Supplementary materials here.